Stormwater Resource Plan

What is the San Mateo Countywide Stormwater Resource Plan?


The San Mateo Countywide Stormwater Resource Plan (SRP) is a comprehensive document that represents a significant transformation in watershed resource planning and stormwater runoff management. The SRP was developed by the City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG) of San Mateo County through its Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program (Countywide Program), representing the twenty cities and towns and the County of San Mateo. The SRP is being prepared through a collaborative effort with stakeholders and the public and tailored to the specific stormwater runoff issues in the region. The main goals of the SRP are to identify and prioritize opportunities to better utilize stormwater as a resource in San Mateo County through a detailed analysis of watershed processes, surface and groundwater resources, input from stakeholders and the public, and analysis of multiple benefits that can be achieved through strategically planned stormwater management projects. These projects aim to capture and manage stormwater more sustainably, to reduce flooding and pollution associated with runoff, improve biological functioning of plants, soils, and other natural infrastructure, and provide many community benefits, including cleaner air and water and enhanced aesthetic value of local streets and neighborhoods.

Through Senate Bill 985 (Pavley, 2014), SRPs are now required in order to compete for state grant funds from any voter-approved bond measures. The San Mateo Countywide SRP is intended to fill that role for future stormwater management projects in the County.


San Mateo Countywide Stormwater Resource Plan Approach


The San Mateo Countywide SRP takes a watershed-based approach to prioritizing stormwater management projects. The screening and prioritization process is based primarily on critical watershed characteristics and processes, including land use, soil hydrology, land slope, and other relevant landscape features. Opportunities to manage stormwater are prioritized through consideration of overall community benefits and the potential to co-locate stormwater capture projects with other currently planned and future capital improvement projects. Because ideal conditions for a suitable stormwater management project vary by type and size of project, projects were screened and prioritized in three overall categories: regional stormwater capture projects, green streets, and onsite stormwater management. Regional projects capture runoff from large drainage areas and typically require larger parcels for siting infrastructure, green streets capture drainage from individual roadway segments, and onsite stormwater management projects only capture and manage runoff generated on a particular parcel or site. The SRP is a collaborative model for addressing the opportunities and challenges in stormwater management in San Mateo County. The SRP includes GIS data layers and locally planned projects from C/CAG’s member agencies. C/CAG’s member agencies also provided important guidance and feedback while the plan was under development. As part of the public engagement component of the SRP, C/CAG has scheduled three public workshops in January 2017 to solicit public and stakeholder feedback on the SRP.