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Do your part to start living green with the FlowsToBay Challenge. Each season we’ll provide you with everything you need to make easy changes to your lifestyle that will create a positive impact on the environment!

Rainwater as a Resource: October - December

Learn to capture and use rainwater as a resource–keeping it from washing down the drain and taking pollutants with it.

We challenge YOU to make Rainwater a Resource
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Install a Rain Barrel in your yard
  • Attend one of our Rain Barrel Installation workshops
  • Watch a video on our tools page
  • Use our rebate to purchase your materials!
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Attend one of our events or workshops
  • Weekly events and workshops on our calendar
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Check Out our Tools page
  • Watch TedTalks, Rain barrel installation videos, use our footprint calculators
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Share photos on social media
  • Use #FTBChallenge and share your photos on social media


Save money
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Check out our Rain Barrel Rebate to get up to $100 off a Rain Barrel. Turn your rainwater into a resource!


Make an impact
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Calculate your environmental footprint, watch inspiring videos and learn how you can make an impact!


We are proud to work together
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Check out local organizations who are joining us in keeping San Mateo County Green!



Join us at our weekly events and workshops, to connect with the FlowsToBay community and learn to live green!


Look ahead to our next Challenge!

Inside the Home: January- March

This season we will give you the run-down on toxic chemicals in your home-- hint : they’re lurking in places you’d never expect! Attend our events, workshops and take advantage of rebates that make it easy to replace toxic products with eco-friendly ones. Keep your family and community safe and chemical free.

In the Garden and Community: April- June

This season we will show you how your garden can help to reduce pollution and conserve water. Beyond your garden, learn about community efforts to provide clean, green spaces for everyone!