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Do your part to start living green with the FlowsToBay Challenge. Each season we'll provide you with everything you need to make easy changes to your lifestyle that will create a positive impact on the environment!

Inside the Home: January – March

Learn about toxic chemicals in your home and how they can  pollute local waters.

We challenge YOU to remove and replace toxic chemicals in your home.
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Replace 2 cleaning products
  • Download our inventory form to figure out which 2 products to swap out.
  • Take advantage of our coupons and save on eco-friendly replacements.
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Take an inventory
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Share photos on social media
  • Show us what you learned on our tools page and share your favorite tips on social media, using #FTBChallenge.
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Check out our tools page
  • Watch a video, use one of our tools, read our blog.


Save money
Check out these coupons for savings on a variety of eco-friendly products.


Make an impact
Calculate your environmental footprint, watch inspiring videos and learn how you can make an impact!


We are proud to work together
Meet our partner, Pure Living Space, a company that strives to make homes less toxic. Read their advice here.



Join us at our weekly events and workshops to connect with the FlowsToBay community and learn to live green!


Look ahead to our next Challenge!

In the Garden and Community: April- June

This season we will show you how your garden can help to reduce pollution and conserve water. Beyond your garden, learn about community efforts to provide clean, green spaces for everyone!

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Learn to capture and use rainwater as a resource–keeping it from washing down the drain and taking pollutants with it.